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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For in 2023


December 19, 2022

Digital Marketing Trends 2023

An interesting study published by Think With Google described how Domino’s and Diageo tackled ‘unintended bias’ in 2022. A significant observation that the study made was about how brands miss out on potential audiences on YouTube and other channels by over-excluding certain keywords.

For instance, some brands stay away from words that the LGBTQ community relates to in order to avoid hate speech online. However, since YouTube has been actively taking steps against any specific audience, such exclusions block such brands from reaching out to many potential buyers.

The study then elaborated on how Domino’s and Diageo partnered with YouTube to actively fight against such bias, and engage as diverse an audience as possible.

While YouTube is notorious for constantly changing algorithms, digital marketing in general has also continually evolved. Businesses often find themselves on edge, catching up to what’s changed and what remains in online marketing.

We have compiled a list of digital marketing trends that may assist you in staying on top of your marketing game.

#1 Customer Experience over Keywords 

This trend became a reality in 2022 when businesses saw Google’s AI search becoming more and more humane. As a result, content that really helped users or searchers began trending instead of keyword-heavy content. This will mature in 2023 as search engines evolve, and become more customer/user-oriented. It may be time you stop pleasing Google and start pleasing your customers online.

As a business, focus on optimizing the experience of your online visitors. Some things you can do –

  • Easily navigable website/mobile application
  • Ease of inquiries, order placement
  • Personalizing every touch point of the purchase journey
  • Informing customers through content bites

#2 Short Videos

Videos are not just about vertical or horizontal formats anymore. They are about getting more information in less time. Instagram Reels is just one of the many channels where your relevant customers are. Reels say a lot about your customers. Let’s see –

  • your customers want information or entertainment, but they don’t have a lot of time
  • they are most likely to watch your content while waiting for something or someone, or while traveling
  • they are more likely to watch your content on a mobile device

Make 2023 the year you start producing short-form video content. Begin with personalized content such as your team activities, your inner workings, and your business routine, and eventually switch to your value propositions.

#3 The Metaverse 

Since some of the biggest brands, such as Starbucks and Nike, have jumped on the bandwagon of the metaverse, this may become a huge trend in 2023. Metaverse is like a parallel virtual world where people and brands interact with each other, albeit more immersively. It is slowly becoming a place where a lot of customers want to be. However, most businesses do not have a practical use case. Just as it happened with augmented reality and virtual reality applications back in 2018, the metaverse may or may not find relevance in all business sectors.

A wise step would be to study the metaverse as a user in 2023, interact with other users, and find out relevant areas for your business. It is okay if you don’t use the metaverse at all for digital marketing in 2023. However, this should be the year of collecting as many use cases for your business as possible.

#4 Information as Bites

If short videos are any indication, the attention span of your customers is getting worse by the day. Users today consume information like snacks – it needs to provide instant gratification and satisfy their hunger for knowledge or information. While long-form content will never lose its significance, you must experiment with bite-sized and easily digestible content in 2023, mainly to lure your online customers.

Some things to consider –

  • repurpose existing content into bite-sized information
  • simplify difficult concepts of your business/product or service
  • leverage social media channels to relay this information

#5 Influencers aren’t Going Anywhere 

This trend of businesses leveraging expert individuals to create brand advocacy has been going on for nearly five years.2023 is not going to be an exception. In fact, influencer marketing will continue to trend widely, with some of the world’s biggest brands, and movie makers using influencers to sell products, and entertainment.

Here’s what you can do –

  • research opportunities to reach out to your audience first
  • short-list influencers who share the same values
  • start with a barter relationship with influencers instead of spending money upfront

#6 LinkedIn is a thought Influencer in B2B

There’s no better advocacy for B2B companies than to reach out and influence relevant audiences on Linked-in. And 2023 will be the same. There’s a certain credibility attached to the thought leadership opportunities that LinkedIn offers that B2B audiences are looking for. In fact, a study has stated that LinkedIn may capture nearly 25% of US B2B advertising spending by 2024. Even as the platform evolves, businesses should leverage the time to build relevant followers who will eventually become their brand advocates. Some things to do in 2023 –

  • use Linkedin’s new features for thought leadership
  • create credible LinkedIn profiles for your founders.
  • post useful content about your industry
  • build relationships with competitors

Not every trend is for your business 

Just like we mentioned about the metaverse, not every digital marketing trend is for you. While it is crucial to know beforehand what’s going on in the market, it is all the more significant to contextualize trends for your business. Let your customers be your guiding light about which trends to follow, and you will eventually find the right mix.

Keep focusing on your foundation 

A trend that would never go out of fashion is to focus on your foundations, such as –

  • a good and easy-to-navigate website
  • a scalable mobile application
  • decent presence on social media
  • a clear brand voice
  • clarity of communication
  • consistency in messaging
  • SEO best practices

Codelinear believes that it is the foundations that will propel your company forward. We have helped many businesses get the right brand voice through a robust and easily navigable website and/or mobile application, design voice, and digital marketing. If you are looking for something that lasts, we should talk.